Valentine Volvo
11 Richard Way SW, Calgary, AB  T3E 7M8
XC90 Excellence - Valentine Volvo


A higher level of Luxury

The interior has been meticulously crafted to provide an atmosphere of tranquillity and luxurious seclusion for you and your guests.


Second row, first class

The XC90 Excellence features two lavishly-appointed individual seats in the rear, as well as the front. That means you get to enjoy Volvo’s legendary front seat comfort as a driver or as a passenger.


Seating with Style

Massage function, ventilation and heating are standard on the four individual seats. Upholstered with Perforated Fine Nappa leather.

In-Cabin Refrigeration

The refrigerated compartment holds two 750ml bottles and two specially-designed handcrafted Swedish Orrefors™ crystal glasses.


Excellence Console

Our revolutionary console gives you control from the back seat. Configure the angle and heating of your seat, and keep your beverage at optimum temperature.


The XC90 Excellence creates a luxury experience that is uniquely Volvo.

Intelligent power

With the T8 Twin Engine, the pure electric mode makes for an almost silent experience. A subtle rank mark in the shape of a crown, next to the engine badge, confirms the unique status of the XC90 Excellence.



DMT Powered