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Valentine Volvo's objective is to provide the highest level of customer service possible. We are proud of the quality of service we deliver and thankful for the feedback our clients provide.







Professional and very nice staff.


Brad L., May, 2016





I showed my new Volvo to one of my co-workers. He said is he can't stop thinking about it. He's planning to trade in his Acura to get an XC90 as well. 

C.J., April, 2016





"The staff (in particular salesman Shane McKay and Business Office Manager Rebecca Kotyk) were very friendly, courteous, helpful and patient. And of course having a lovely new car to drive home was a very good part of our experience."


Susan M., April, 2016





"Richard is a great salesperson. He knows his products, is very personable but not pushy."

Patricia M., April, 2016





"We were met by Justin Rietveld near the end of his day on a Friday evening. He sat with us away we explained our situation. We went through the process of explaining what we wanted and needed in a vehicle and we had already pretty much decided on the model we wanted. We went through the pros and cons and he even took us out on a test drive in his own personal vehicle as the test drive one was out. We spent lots of time negotiating small add one and finally came to an agreement that suited our needs. In all of this week witnessed the dealership shutting down for the day but Justin assured us he was fine to stay. It was just a nice gesture as he could have asked us to come back the next day. It is reassuring to know some people still value customer service."


Susan Z., April, 2016





"Justin was very knowledgeable and helpful. He explained all aspects of the vehicle and reviewed them after the purchase. We have had exceptionally good experience when dealing with Valentine Volvo."


Edna R., April 2016





"We experienced a flat tire while on a road trip. The self sealing proceeds did not hold and the vehicle had to be towed to dealer. Valentine did us a great service by fitting us in right away next business day and had the vehicle back to us by end of day. Thx so much - we really appreciate the effort!! Once again Amanda was outstanding and a pleasure to deal with."


Gordon F., April, 2016 






"Fast and friendly service."


Stephen F., April, 2016






"Friendly and efficient check in and service."

Brian M., April, 2016





"All the parts required were ordered before hand and the repairs were completed as promised. Good job on the car wash this appointment too."


Jason B., April, 2016





"Daniel was excellent and very accommodating."


Barry G., April 7, 2016




"As always a pleasure to deal with Valentine Volvo."


Shawn G., April 6, 2016






"Kevin was my contact and did a good job of explaining the work and the alternatives."


Ian B., April 6, 2016





"He was attentive and good at pointing out what needed to be done 'next'. I decided to have it done right away."


Doreen P., April 4, 2016





"Above and beyond answering other questions about the vehicle that did not relate to the reason I brought in the car. Everyone I have ever dealt with is very polite and helpful."


Laura D., April 3, 2016





"Quick to help, friendly and had the service tech show me something I probably should have read in the manual :) Excellent customer service."


Brett G., April 3, 2016




Even if I didn't love my car - which I do - I would continue to buy Volvos from you as the service is so good. Efficient, reasonable price, straightforward and just decent. I am very grateful and you have made me a very dedicated customer.


David G., April 2, 2016





"As usual Theresa was most helpful"


Doug C, January 21, 2016






"Both my husband and myself appreciated very much the work performed by Kevin. He is quick to respond, experienced and polite. He is a responsible person too. He is a must to your team."


Irene W, January 21, 2016






Great service. Quicker than I thought it would be, and a comfortable place to wait.


Craig H, January 21, 2016








"Very pleasant, efficient and knowledgeable."


Todd V, January 20, 2016






The Service Consultant was great to deal with and provided very clear explanations of the service.


Eric T, January 20, 2016






"Always a pleasure dealing with Valentine Volvo!"


Barry G, January 18, 2016






"Very approachable, responsive and willing to help"


Lilia F, January 16, 2016






"Always timely and very professional. Impressive."


Barry G, January 7, 2016






"We now have our fourth Volvo. We choose Volvo for their reliability, durability and safety. As regards reliability, we have experienced very few problems. As regards durability, we sold a Volvo with 260,000 km (160,000 miles) to a colleague at work. A year later he reported how happy he was with it; he had had only one problem with the car in spite of its high mileage. As regards safety, this aspect of Volvo is well attested.

We've been dealing with Valentine Volvo since 1997, when we first arrived in Canada. The company is exemplary, both with regard to sales and after-service. The staff are very pleasant to deal with. The integrity of the owners and staff makes the company stand out from its competitors."


Edmund V. Aug 27/15






"I was very impressed with Shane MacKay. He is an exceptional ambassador of the Volvo brand.

Rebecca, in the business centre made the paperwork process go very smoothly."


William. B. Aug 14/15






"Karleigh helped me to book the appointment and Kevin was my service consultant. He has been nothing

but outstanding. He is very professional and helped me addressing some issues on the car. In my

experience, all Volvo team are very helpful."


Katherine. D. Aug 08/15





"Warranty work, recall work done and 32 000 km work all completed with outstanding satisfaction."


Luc. L. Aug 06/15





"Thank you for the great experience - 3rd time I've purchased a vehicle with Tyler Dillon - awesome service!

Thanks for the flowers too!"


Deanna. N. July 25/15





"Kevin is just GREAT!"


Robert. N. July 25/15





"Told me what they did to my car and did not try to upsell me on anything!"


Lucia. L. July 25/15





"Theresa was terrific from beginning to end with this service visit."


Madeleine. L. July 25/15





"Thank you for the excellent service, John!"


Michelle. B. July 24/15





"Same prompt service, personal attention and quality workmanship

that I have come to expect from Valentine Volvo!"


Jayne. T. July 23/15






"Teresa is awesome and I really enjoy dealing with her. As a single woman dealing with my own car it

can be intimidating but Teresa is honest and I trust her."


Michelle. K. July 18/15





"Theresa was terrific. I used the night drop off service. She called me the following morning simply to

confirm that they had received my envelope and key and that she would be in touch after they had

diagnosed my car. She called twice throughout the day with follow up information and I was

completely informed about the status of my car all day. The car was completed and ready for pick up

when she had said it would be. She also had (as well as all the ladies at the front service desk) a terrific

customer service approach being friendly, informative and adding a nice sense of humour. A pleasure

to deal with."


John. C. July 18/15






"Kevin was very friendly and helpful. He made a big difference to the service call. Its nice to be

  recognized after being a customer for many years. He deserves top marks!"



Rosemary. B. July 15/15






"In my past experience at car service

centres you need to make an appointment (and pay for it) to have someone discuss an issue you think

your vehicle may or may not have. Having Bill take the time to chat with me in person was terrific. Not

only did he chat with me, at no point did he give me the impression that he was annoyed or that I was

interrupting his day. Fantastic! I will now be using Valentine Volvo for all my servicing."



Tom. C. July 14/15





"great cars and good people to deal with!"



Richard. G. July 11/15




"The service person was in constant contact with me about decisions related to new tires. The detailing

  of my car was excellent....just like new. A very gracious fellow drove me back and forth to the Volvo



Joanne. S. July 09/15






"They are always helpful, considerate, with excellent explanation of work done and items checked/. they

all have great personality and very approachable"


Fred. A. July 05/15






"Kevin was a pleasure to deal with. He has a sense of humour and is very relatable. Even when

delivering hard to hear news, he was understanding. He's an asset to your dealership!"


Tom. D. July 03/15






"Good, quick reliable service. Many thanks to your shuttle service guys!"


Stuart. N. July 02/15






"Teresa went over and above my expectations when she was able to squeeze me in for an appointment

on a Friday when I realized I needed an oil change before heading out of town on holidays."


Debra. W. July 01/15





"Very helpful,professional and knowledgeable about Volvo service. He provided me with a Volvo

Maintenance Schedule, which I had requested"


Jean. M. July 01/15







"So enjoyable visiting your dealership!"


Gerald. C. June 22/15




"It is worth the drive in from Red Deer to have the peace of mind that Valentine service delivers."


Curtis. S. June 18/15





The dealership accommodated to my work schedule, communicated to me the estimated price to

complete the work and informed me when the vehicle was ready for pickup. When I came to pick up the

vehicle it was washed and the paperwork was ready and the whole process was completed in less than

10 minutes and I was driving away a happy and satisfied customer!


Erin. E. June 17/15





"Everyone is friendly, respectful and sincere in their attention to customer care."


Yvonne. M. June 16/15




"Recognized me and called me by name although I hadn't been there in a year,


 you were on time and efficient. Nice job on washing the car too."



Terry. M. June 14/15




"Dealing with Kevin was a totally awesome experience. Knowledgable, considerate and professional!"



Jack. A. June 12/15




"Kevin..again, makes great decisions that brings me back to Valentine Volvo. As a matter of fact, all the

consultants are outstanding. Jonathan, Theresa, plus others. Consistent approach and obviously well



Angela. J. June 12/15





"Thank you Bruce, for all your thorough, good work and
help in making this sale be smooth and painless. I know that you went above and
beyond with personal attention and a few TLC extras to make sure the car was in
perfect shape when you delivered it."


Holly. K. June 11/15





"Due to our time and travel pressures, the sales and delivery process was staggered over a couple weeks,  however Christopher and his team were very understanding and patient in making it all work around us."


Kathryn. D. June 09/15




"Teresa is always very professional in her handling of the service. Her obvious extensive product

knowledge blends well with her courteous and humorous demeanor."


Jan. S. June 07/15




"Karleigh was great and very professionel"


Jamie. G. June 06/15




"He did what I expected him to do in telephoning me to advise of the costs, in explaining the charges

and in ensuring the vehicle was ready on time."


John. F. June 05/15





"Kevin was very attentive and pleasant to deal with. He went out of his way to make sure my visit was

the best it could be."


Rodinno. E. June 05/15





"Thank you so much Chris, your guys did a wonderful job detailing my vehicle,

  I felt like driving a brand new vehicle.

  Thanks again for accommodating me and as usual I get the best service."


Laila. A. June 04/15





"What a show room! And what professional staff all over!"


Gerald. C. June 03/15





"Karleigh, Jonathan and Teresa were outstanding as usual."


Wayne. J. May 27/15





"Service rep was awesome"


George. S. May 22/15





"Tyler and Rebecca are huge assets in your company, and I hope that you both understand how lucky you are to have these people working for you. They could teach a lot of people in your industry the true meaning behind customer service and building relationships."


Sept. K. May 17/15







"Those who are second best try harder, staff seem to know they're the best. Great shop foreman!"


Michael. P. May 17/15






"Kevin is very personable and friendly. I can see he expresses genuine interest in his customers and not

only as Volvo owners."


Alan. F. May 16/15






"Outstanding experience"


Richard. L. May 16/15






"The staff are all awesome making it very difficult for me to leave or buy another vehicle from your

competitor. Jonathan, Teresa, Karla, Richard, Will -- amazing people!"


Lillian. M. May 15/15





"Service dept. takes the time and acts on client's concerns."


Ernest. D. May 14/15





"Wonderful service again, helpful well informed team, on time service, appreciate being able to wait in

comfortable area with Internet access, full report on what was done, and having my car washed is a

bonus. Great job!"


Jayne. T. May 13/15





"Last minute before closing for the day, acceptance and repair of an almost flat tire.

Thank you!!!!!"


Georgia. D. May 12/15





"Great communication.

Always kept me abreast of the situation as it changed.

Supplied me with a loaner vehicle quickly & easily."


Caroline. L. May 11/15





"Karleigh was very polite, professional and thorough."


Patricia. A. May 10/15





"John was excellent, as always. Efficient and friendly."


Miriam. B. May 08/15






"Quick, efficient and thorough. And Paul Valentine rocks."



Patricia. R. May 06/15





"As usual. Their friendly and helpful manner is always appreciated."



Robert. B. May 05/15





"Very good at explaining the difference between new tires that I needed."



Bret. G. May 03/15





"Keep up the good work. Management and staff all work seamlessly which sets you apart from your competition. Your staff exhibit confidence in their product and are not aggressive, a very refreshing experience. Closed my final turnover into the new vehicle in record time, so even the financial staff performed admirably. Please feel free to contact me for a reference. Best regards."


Mike. M.  May 02/15








"Kevin has always given me excellent service, and always makes time for my problems big or small, and

always with a smile."


Mila. K. May 02/15





"Communication with salesman. Clear, no surprises. Great facility and service."


Dean.C. April 28/15





"Kevin knows and helps me, and I have the highest opinion of him"


Leo. V. April 27/15





"Friendly people, short lines, on time, and great service"


Michael. S. April 25/15





"As always an amazing impeccable service. +10 and more then 5 stars !!!!"


Janet. G. April 23/15






"Everything from initial talk to test  drive to agreeing price to taking  delivery was smooth and effective  without feeling pressured."


Micheal. A. April 20/15





"Very thorough and attentive to my questions.  Felt no pressure throughout the research and purchase experience. All my questions were answered courteously and professionally. Manny's technical experience was very helpful in helping me get a sense of what I can expect in my new relationship with Valentive Volvo."


Ray. L. April 20/15





"Kevin is always very attentive to my concerns and gets the job done.

He is an incredible asset to Valentine Volvo."


Lucia. L. April 20/15




"Karleigh was a joy to deal with, she was very efficient at her job and is a valuable asset to your

company. I wouldn't hesitate dealing with her anytime I required a Service Advisor."


Ralph. S. April 19/15




"I dealt with Jonathan when I came in and he was very friendly and helpful. I appreciated him taking the

time to help me with side mirrors and then recommending that I get my rock chip repaired, which I was

unaware that was an option at the dealership."


Kelly. P. April 18/15





"I felt like I was home."


Dempsey. M. April 18/15




"Always a pleasure to deal with Valentine Volvo"


Russell. T. April 16/15




"Kevin does a great job. Knows who I am, looks for anything else that might be important for my vehicle."


Scott. B. April 16/15




"Understanding of clients needs/concerns, helpfull and continues to meet all aspects of customer



Dale. B. April 15/15




"My husband has a BMW and they need lessons from Valentine Volvo - I'll be trying to

persuade him into a Volvo next time!"


Penny. S. April 14/15






"This is my second Volvo in as many vehicles, and one of the key reasons to lease another Volvo was because of the good service I receive at Valentine, and the fact that my S60 had zero problems in three years of driving."


Randal. Y. April 10/15




"Friendly staff and professional.  This is our second Volvo purchased in last 6 months and this was another exceptional experience.  Warm greeting when you enter building and overall experience positive and the best car purchases we have ever made.  The whole team at Valentine is friendly and helpful."


Leonard. H. April 10/15




"Been a long time customer and I like the customer service and atmosphere."


Micheal. F. April 07/15




"The Sales Experience was very stress free, felt that both the salesman and the business office were very honest, didn't feel anything was being hidden or slipped by me as I have experienced with other dealers in the past"


Diana. S. April 06/15




both sales and financing officers were kind and good attitude for listening. Appreciation for the flowers.


Jeong. S. April 04/15




"I came in without an appointment due to a problem that could have resulted in a roadside breakdown

and they got the problem checked out the same day and did a winter tire change over that was

scheduled for two weeks later. Saved me a trip back!"


Linda. S. April 02/15




"My car needed its major 120k km maintenance and Service found an 'F' package that matched the need

at reasonable price. All work was done well, plus a few extra fixes I had asked for. Importantly, there

shop found and fixed problems I didn't know about, like headlight position sensor lights."


Mark. S. April 02/15




"I was able to talk to my technician about ant concerns with the car which was most reassuring."


Jan. S. March 29/15





"Jonathan is always a pleasure to deal with.  I have always had a wonderful experience in Valentine Volvo's Service department."


Rebecca. K. MAR 12/15





"Living 2 hours away from Valentine Volvo in Calgary I try to schedule my XC60 maintenance with travelling to Calgary for other purposes. For this reason I cannot always book ahead. Knowing that I come from out of town, the service manager (Terry Coulter) has always been able to arrange for services. I really appreciate that."


Laurent. C. MAR 3/15





"I have been a long time customer and I like the customer service and atmosphere."


Michael. F. FEB 21/15





"It's wonderful when the consultant knows your name when you enter the building. Thank you."


Darlene. H. MAR 14/15





"Friendly staff and enough staff to make the wait minimal."


Kristopher. E. MAR 16/15





"Teresa remembers me and calls me by my first name. Plus it was a fast turnaround - I barely got my computer turned on!"


Nannette. H. MAR 13/15





"Valentine Volvo has always provided outstanding service both in the maintenance department and the sales department. I am always impressed by the positive and friendly disposition of the employees. As a company you are doing a great job with your clients and employees. Thank You.


Ana. H. MAR 9/15





"Valentine Volvo is the only auto dealership experience that has ever impressed me, sales through service."


Milton. W. MAR 5/15





"I am very pleased with Valentine Volvo. I have been driving a Volvo for 40 years. My first Volvo was 1975 in Norway. We have been with Valentine for all of our service since and bought our 2012 from Valentine Volvo. Valentine is the best."


Sandra. P. MAR 6/15





"Kevin was great. Greeted me by name before I actually got to the counter."


Carynne. C. MAR 6/15





"John and the rest of the consultants are always top notch everytime."


Larry. J. MAR 5/15





"Valentine Volvo continues to be the best in Calgary and I think all of Canada!"


Joseph. L. MAR 4/15





"Not only was the service friendly but quicker than expected and they were on top of a recall issue that I didn't even have to notify them about."


Tara. C. FEB 25/15






"As we live over 100kms away from the dealership location, our sales representative Tyler, made all the necessary arrangements to accommodate our schedule and provide a replacement vehicle for the duration of the repair. He provided regular updates on the progress of the work and ensured we were satisfied with the end product."


Katrina. B FEB 14/15





"Prompt friendly service. No high pressure sales pitch. Had a nice visit with our sales person Bruce. He is a great salesman Valentine Volvo is lucky to have him. We are thinking of buying another Volvo because we love this one so much."


Douglas. B. FEB 4/15


"My XC60 was having problems and the service advisor made sure that the car went in right away, even though I didn't have an appointment, and approached the original sales advisor to make sure I had a car to use that day.  I very much appreciated their attention."
Michael. G. FEB 17/15





"The sales consultant took the time to confirm our requirements. Answered all of our questions and we never felt like we were being rushed."


Gregory. S. JAN 31/15





"This was my third purchase at Valentine Volvo - They are very professional, prompt, and efficient."


Frederick. T. JAN 27/15





"Both sales and financing officers were kind with a good attitude for listening. I appreciate the flowers that were sent."


Seon. J. JAN 31/15





"Karleigh made me feel that everything was being done to make my vehicle great by diligently asking about my concerns and conveying fixes and suggestions. The service guys behind the scene made sure the vehicle was great when the service was done. It's team volvo that makes you guys outstanding!"


Angelito. N. FEB 19/15





"Jonathan was excellent; he maintained good communication and updates throughout the long period that my car was in for service."


Daintrie. H. FEB 13/15





"Kevin Tan has consistently demonstrated both a high level of professionalism along with a strong customer orientation. He was once again direct, honest, helpful and empathetic regarding the unexpected and rather costly repairs that were required to our XC90."


Neil. A. FEB 11/15





"Very clean dealership. I appreciate the coffee and snacks that are available. I also appreciated the exterior clean of my vehicle."


Scott. B. FEB 12/15





"Karla Schultz and her people skills are THE BEST. I came to the service department unannounced with a tire problem and Karla gave an understanding ear, prompt attention to the situation and then some. This person is exceptional at what she does!!!"


Judith. R. JAN 28/14





"Bill was very accommodating about going to my car and seeing first hand what my concern was about the defrost and explaining how best to use it."


Jody. W. FEB 5/15





"They new my name when I came in the door and greeted me before I got to his desk. Personally went outside to get my car keys and had my car parked right in front of the door for me."


Matthew. S. FEB 3/14






"Very stress free, felt that both the salesman and the business office were very honest."


Diana. S. JAN 17/15





"Jonathan Furkalo listened to me and understood my needs well and returned my calls quickly. I had a very positive experience because of his efforts."


Lorne. A. JAN 28/15





"The service desk was able to service our son's S60 on very short notice yesterday. We always keep our vehicles well maintained but sometimes unexpected issues come up and we appreciated the attention to our concerns and the fact they were addressed so quickly. Outstanding service!"


John. S. JAN 28/14





"Above and beyond - A pleasure dealing with everyone, thru to and including the shuttle drivers!"


Louise. S. JAN 26/15





"Thanks for fitting the car in and changing my shuttle time from 4:45 to 4:00 when I was not sure if the later time would accommodate picking up the car and making it to the airport on time in rush hour to catch my flight."


Stephen. C. JAN 20/15





"Great quality service, convenience shuttle bus, and friendly staff."


Chun. G. JAN 20/15




"Kevin is always very helpful and attentive, keeps open communication and explains things clearly."


Robert. Q. JAN 16/15





"Teresa was outstanding. The shuttle rides were great and I was very happy and pleasantly surprised that you washed my XC90. Thanks for that."


Gabriel. C. JAN 14/15





"Kevin as usual is an outstanding advisor. He is patient, polite and quick to responde to my questions. His performance is entirely to my satisfaction."


Irene. W. JAN 15/15





"I paid extra to have my car towed to Calgary that is how much I prefer to use Valentine Volvo. If I would have had it towed to Edmonton there wouldn't have been the additional fee.... but because I enjoy the outstanding service from Valentine and I know that I can trust is worth it. Thanks for everything."


Helga. H. DEC 19/14





"I was not pressured by ay sales staff, I knew what I wanted and they made the sale, paper work and delivery very easy and seamless."







"Tyler Dillon, my salesman, was incredibly knowledgeable about the S60 that I was interested in. He understood me and how I wanted to interact with him in the test drive and sales process. He was very personable and always willing to help me. I have been incredibly impressed with everyone I've interacted with at Valentine Volvo. Everyone seems happy and I could feel it in the atmosphere of the showroom. Tyler made the decision to purchase a Volvo S60 an easy and comfortable one. He ensured I got exactly what I wanted."







"I was provided the benefit of a loaner while I awaited my new vehicle. This was offered up-front and uncomplicated our busy schedule; greatly appreciated."





"Great attitude and customer care quality of service was outstanding."





"I enjoyed working with Richard and the finance team."







"Positive upbeat attitude with timely informative phone calls during the day."


Dwight. R. JAN 8/15





"Teresa was very friendly and helpful - made our wait very pleasant!"


Tess. S. JAN 6/15





"Everyone was very professional and helpful. Sintija started the experience off on the right foot which made the service trip enjoyable."


Ronald. B. DEC 29/14




"Always good service. They are fast and they make sure you are taken care of everytime I have a problem or an appointment."


Lisa. C. DEC 15/14




"Valentine Volvo provides the best and fastest service! Very knowledgable!"


Artsimenia Ent Inc. DEC 23/14



"Kevin explained all the work to be done taking care of all my needs and made the experience excellent."


 John K. Dec 20/14



"I paid extra to have my car towed to Calgary. ..that is how much i prefer to use Valentine Volvo.

If i would have had it towed to Edmonton, there wouldn't have been the additional fee....but because i

enjoy the outstanding service from Valentine and i know that i can trust is worth it. Thanks for



Helga. H. Dec 20/14




"The standard is so high. You feel you're in a family and they really care. Thank you."


Judith. R. DEC 18/14





"My sales associate Tyler Dillon made all the difference in the world. Very professional and on top of all aspects of the deal."


Donald. K. NOV 25/14





"I was provided the benefit of a loaner while I awaited my new vehicle. This was offered up-front  and uncomplicated our busy schedule; greatly appreciated."


Kyla. F. DEC 5/14





"As always, a fantastic service from everyone at the service!!! Everything was done in a reasonable time. Thank you to all the people at the service!!!!"


Janet. G. DEC 11/14





"I always find the staff at the dealership to be very friendly and helpful. That is another reason I keep buying Volvo and continue to send referrals your way."


Douglas. Z. DEC 9/14






"They definitely made sure all of my requests and concerns were addressed prior to dropping the keys off, and ensured that I was aware of all the tasks they

were going to perform that day. The service was done in a timely manner, and despite the busyness of the shop, they managed to finish my vehicle before the expected time."


Jacobus. C. DEC 10/14





"Kevin is a great service consultant; He is courteous and efficient; He ensures that everything is clear at the outset and provides all relevant details on the service and charges at upon delivery; I have full confidence in Kevin for taking good care of my Volvo."


Luc. L. DEC 8/14






"Kevin recognized on Friday that I had a tire issue and went out of his way to arrange for me to bring my car in on Saturday. It turned out I had two nails inthe tire and the team fixed it for me within an hour."


Gordon. P. DEC 6/14





"From the managers, down the line, a great bunch of people to deal with!"


Daphne. M. DEC 4/14





"The dealership is well appointed and the service consultants and technicians are thorough, before and after the appointment."


Jason. L. NOV 27/14





"As always year from year your service is always great!"


George. R. NOV 27/14






"Valentine Volvo has always strived to do what is in the best interests of the customer, that is my view and it is why I recommend volvo."


Paul. G. NOV 20/11






"The showroom had models from your entire line so that we could find one that met our particular needs. We looked at many other manufacturers and not one of them had such a selection actually in the showroom. We also were given the time to browse without being pressured but when we had questions we were able to find a salesman who answered them without him pouncing on us. Further when we had narrowed down our selection, we were given a real opportunity to test drive a car."


Thomas. K. OCT 29/14





"Starting with great service by Richard Takacs, the sales rep. The fact that I was allowed to test drive the vehicle myself for as long as needed allowed me to make the right choice. Quick response to all my inquiries from everybody including finance manager Manny Dorego & Rebecca Kotyk. And we were able to find common ground on the selling price after friendly negotiations without unnecessary pressure."


Ilia. K. NOV 7 /14





"Been going to Valentine for the past 20+ years. Staff have been very helpful and accommodating."


Allan. L. NOV 6/14





"The service consultant was great at the front end and Carly was amazing as always at the pickup end of the service appointment."


Kenneth. K. OCT 31/14





"We were very happy with the service we received. We had a major problem with the front end of the car and the mechanics replaced everything under warranty! FANTASTIC! Thank you very much."


Samantha. W. NOV 6/14





"Terry, the service yesterday was a 10, you operate a very good department and I am always happy with what I have come to find in a service department. And do rest assured that I value the service I receive at your service department. Thanks again."


Ruby. M. NOV 7/14





"Warm welcome upon first phone call. Thorough sales associates both during the search for the right vehicle and again during the walk through after purchasing my vehicle. I was pleased with the deal that was made on my XC60."


Letitia. D. OCT 15/14





"Friendly helpful knowledgable people that weren't pushing the sale and always available to answer a question."


Wanda. G. OCT 23/14







"Richard in sales and Jonathan in service were prompt and coordinated our first appointment very well. Jonathan was quick to respond to various clarification questions regarding service date and needs."


Cathy. T. OCT 28/14





"I always enjoy the 'vibe' at Valentine Volvo. Staff are first-rate, considerate, knowledgeable and helpful. Also, your shuttle was not available and service staff said not a problem, take a taxi and we'll pay for it. Thank you Valentine Volvo!"


Ida. N. OCT 28/14





"Was totally wowed by my experience. Warm welcome by the Service Department consultant. Clear explanation of service items completed. Vehicle ready at time requested  and unexpected complimentary service and gift of snow brush and back pack."


Mary. R. OCT 21/14






"It was very easy to take test drives. The salesman provided the right amount of information and was very approachable and not pushy at all. They worked with me to come up with a purchase solution that worked for both of us."


David. F. OCT 1/14





"Tyler Dillon, our salesperson, was excellent. We had worked with him on a previous Volvo purchase and called him directly this time when we decided we needed a new vehicle."


Anne-Marie. B. SEPT 14/14





"I appreciated that I was trusted to take the vehicle on a test drive without the presence of a dealer rep. Nice to be treated so respectfully and professionally."


Kim. F. SEPT 8/14





"Outstanding as usual!!!! Thumbs up to everyone!!!! The service at Valentine Volvo is just impeccable. A client since 2005 and just amazing service since the first time!!!!"


Janet. G. OCT 14/14





"I have a very high opinion of Valentine Volvo. A great dealership, quick, prompt and gets it done when promised. Keeps you informed along the way, fantastic. Thank you."


Russel. T. OCT 8/14





"I have not always felt comfortable taking cars to dealerships during the 50 years we've owned vehicles, Valentine Volvo is a pleasant exception. The company offers excellent service, down-to-earth polite staff, and is a model of efficiency. If maintaining good personal rapport with customers is a company priority, it's working. And when work is done, I feel it is done properly by people who know what they're doing."


Nick. P. OCT 2/14





"The service was outstanding. They fit me in even though there were no times available. I really needed my car. Teresa went above and beyond. She is a very hard worker. I could tell she wasn't feeling well but she went out of her way to provide exemplary service."


Don. O. OCT 4/14





"Teresa went out of her way to ensure I was well taken care of. She is extremely pleasant to deal with."


Marlene. C. SEPT 30/14





"I was able to drop my car off the afternoon before my scheduled 7 am appointment the following day and still get a courtesy car. My car was then ready several hours earlier than expected the following day. As I live in Canmore, this made my logistics so much easier! Thanks!"


Karen B. OCT 2/14




"We had our car in for service and had my Dad's old wheels put on from your storage. I'm not sure if it was a mistake or you purposely didn't charge us for the storage of the wheels for 2 seasons since he lost his car in the flood, either way you didn't, and those little things are part of what makes Valentine so fantastic! I love that you're a family company and that those values come through over and over when dealing with you, whether its in the service department or the showroom. So Thank You!"


Jason P. OCT 2/14





"I really appreciate the way Kevin Tan deals with customers. He is responsible, friendly and has the patience to listen to my questions. He is a must to your team."



Irene. W. SEPT 26/14





"Karleigh was so helpful....she is awesome! Thanks for helping me out so quickly, it was very much appreciated."


Barbara. C. SEPT 18/14






"I must compliment you the management and thank the shuttle drivers again for the extremely high level of excellence & extraordinary service, safe driving skills and enjoyable conversation. Thank you for picking up on the steering problem, washing the car inside and out and for completing all the unexpected work in just one day. My girlfriend of 19 years, Barbara Wallace and I couldn't be happier. You have eased our minds on our upcoming trip to vancouver to our nieces wedding on the 4th of October."

Bradley. M. & Barbara. W. SEPT 24/14 





"We always get such great service and had such a fantastic chat with the driver who picked me up that we will keep on going down the line with Volvo's. It's the safety and quality for sure but your people are the ones that really make the difference. Has since day one. That's why we will buy another one."


Bradley. M. & Barbara. W. SEPT 11/14





"So very impressed with EVERYONE in the service department. have a client for life. I plan on on driving Volvo cars for the rest of my life!!!"


Laurette. T. SEPT 8/14





"The maintenance was done quickly and you have very nice and helpful staff."


Shliong. W. SEPT 8/14





"Kevin Tan is super patient and really great with his customers."


David. R. SEPT 5/14





"This is my third Volvo with Valentin Volvo since 2007, I have done all my services there and been happy with the services and professional work, good shuttle, time managment....."


Kourosh. K. SEPT 5/14





"The dealership has some amazing personnel and is an inviting place to visit. The technician and Jonathan were extremely helpful and accommodating. It was also a nice touch to have Terry work with me and to provide me with a loaner."


Caterina. M. AUG 29/14





"Appreciate being able to wait for my vehicle while it is being serviced with a very reasonable wait time and access to wireless internet. Love that my vehicle was washed for me!! And thank you for the surprise backpack gift."


Jayne. T. AUG 28/14





"He listened to what I was saying, he didn't rush me, he didn't brush me off like I didn't know what I was talking about."


Michael. J. AUG 26/14





"Excellent Service. Highly recommend this Volvo dealership and service department!"


Susan. C. AUG 18/14 





"I am from Comox, BC and was travelling to Regina when I noticed an odd sound so I stopped at your dealership after making a call on route and I got very special treatment. The technician came out to our V50 and immediately said what the problem was and that it was covered by warranty (thank you!!) It gets better, as the place was booked for several days and as he knew we were travelling he offered to come in early the next day to do the work. It was done just as he had said. I cannot thank Nathan enough. I have owned Volvos for over 30 years I although I live in BC I have had two times in need of service at Valentine and both times just great but this time was over the top. Thank you so much and thank you Nathan!"


Peter. C. AUG 12/14





"Enjoy the coffee, newspaper and live TV while we waited for car. Also took advantage of shuttle service with polite and efficient drivers!"


Deborah. H. AUG 15/14





"Excellent service and you also fit in some extra work which we requested at the last minute."


Sandy. F. AUG 14/14





"Easy to book an appointment, welcoming when arriving, quick and efficient in getting you on with your day."


Carla. E. AUG 7/14





"Excellent service and I appreciate that you personalize it for your clients."


Noeline. F. AUG 3/14






"I felt like I was your #1 customer that day-thank you."


Janet. S. JULY 29/14





"Have very good team over all. Enjoyed the personal touch and knowledge of Volvo that Chris Sage exuded. The service received was unparalleled!"


Florence. O. JULY 29/14





"Amazing staff at Valentine Volvo especially Jonathan Furkalo, Will (Driver), Richard (Sales) and the rest of the team!"


Lillian. M. JULY 21/14





"The service department of Valentine Volvo is second to none. Period."


Russell. T. JULY 28/14





"The service at the dealership for the last 2 visits has been spot on. The vehicle service was completed as requested and was returned to me at the requested time."


Geoffrey. M. JULY 28/14





"Way to go guys, you went above and beyond on this one!"


David. M. JULY 23/14





"One of the senior service technicians took the time to come out and show me through some questions I had about the computer system on my 2014 XC70."


Keith. M. JULY 22/14





"As always Valentine Volvo is courteous, quick, and has answers to all of my questions. You have some very friendly and knowledgeable staff. I have had this Volvo for over a year now and never had a bad experience."


Shane. B. JULY 11/14





"Could there be a better dealership? I think not!"


Robert. B. JULY 23/14





"The consultant took the time to understand what I was looking for amd came with me to my car to show me that work that has been done and ensure that I was satisfied before leaving the garage."


Charlene. W. JULY 11/14





"Additional items taken care of without me asking... The Volvo sticker was peeling and was replaced I appreciated that."


Kim. R. JULY 18/14





"This is my second purchase with Richard and Valentine and the main reasons I returned are quality of service and vehicle quality."







"Richard is an excellent sales person, knowledgeable, friendly and willing to go the extra mile."


Shannon. E. JULY 5/14





"Tyler was awesome, but that seems to be the norm for Valentine Volvo as every single person we have interacted with, from Reception through the leasing/purchase staff, have been great to us."


Monica. W. JULY 4/14




"Valentine Volvo has been an outstanding service provider and this has been consistently dispalyed to me as a client with them over the past twenty-five years. I only buy Volvo because valentine is exceptional. If It was not for the dealer (and a good car) I would have considered changing brands by now. As a consumer, I think about the alternative brands but am always cognizant of the fact that the dealer is outstanding."


Saadat. K. JULY 8/14





"Service was excellent, they washed my car really well and got me information to make a claim with for diamond fusion, couldn't be happier!"


Marty. M. JULY 5/14





"Richard Takacs was simply the best, most professional sales person I have ever dealt with when it comes to buying a car. He was low pressure, consultative and very patient. Well done!"







"The physical environment is very appealing and the waiting area is quite comfortable."


Geoffrey. M. JUNE 29/14





"Your dealership was different starting with the first person that answered the phone, receptionist. She was quite interested in ensuring that I was connected with someone who would be able to help me in finding the vehicle that I was after. This really impressed me because no other dealership that we called focused I'm trying to connect us with the right person or the right vehicle.I was quite impressed with your sales force they were the only car sales people we encountered that emphasized the safety features of the automobile. We also found that the sales staff was very accommodating for some of our special needs around timing and pick up the vehicle."







"Car was spotless and ready to go. It was the second time we've worked with Shane and he is respectfuland low pressure. We shopped around this time - Shane let the car sell itself."







"As always, the service is outstanding, front desk very friendly, vehicle ready when said it would be and very thorough in going through the work to be done."


Tracey. H. JUNE 24/14





"The people at your service desk are AMAZING! Kevin is very professional and personable."


Cori. B. JUNE 14/14





"My experience in buying a new car was the best I've ever had. Tyler Dillon and Bryan were a pleasure to deal with! The entire experience exceeded my expectations! I appreciated from the first meeting that they understood I was buying the car and not my husband. Outstanding customer service in every department. I bought the best car on the market. I know this because this purchase( lease)is our family's 7th Volvo. I look forward to the same outstanding service from your service department. The car offers everything I needs- reliable, comfortable, fun to drive, good handling in all types of weather, fuel efficient, robust safety features, good looks and I appreciate the advancement in technology. The dealership staff were willing to work with me to find a way to get me into the car that I really wanted. I am also very loyal to the brand. It's a trusted name and my experience with owning a Volvo have always been fantastic."







"Keep it up! Bryan and his sales team are top notch."


Bob. L. JUNE 9/14





"Shane did an outstanding job. he was very professional, knowlegable and went our of his way to make the experience great."







"Shane our sales guy is just outstanding. He was able to lend me a car so that I can do some errands while my vehicle was being worked on."


Phouvieng. A. JUNE 7/14




"Hi Ben,


Thank you so much for all your help and time! I am extremely pleased with my new Volvo and in particular, all your help! Working with you was an extremely easy and pleasant experience. You were very respectful of my time and my needs in a vehicle, and as a result, you were able to provide me the best service I could possibly ask for from a dealership. Your knowledge helped me make the right decision for my family in buying a new car, as I had not originally expected to purchase a brand new vehicle.


I look forward to many years of a good relationship with Valentine. 




Rebecca T. JUNE 18/14



"To Whom it may concern,

We want to extend our gratitude to our sales representative, Benjamin Scott and Valentine Volvo with regards to our purchase yesterday of our used vehicle.

My personal interaction with Ben was of the highest standards I have encountered in the sales industry. He was a true pleasure to deal with, friendly, sincere and very thorough. 

Have a great summer and we will recommend your staff and dealership.

Kindest regards"

Robert and Marie D. MAY 31/14





"Despite me arriving 25 minutes later than we scheduled, your service consultant managed to fit me into the schedule, and your team still had time to wash the car and have me on my way. A very good experience, with prompt service, thank you."


Alexandra D. JUNE 4/14





"The team in service couldn't have been more helpful in an emergency fitting our car in for a repair prior to leaving on vacation. All of the service-advisors are excellent at Valentine Volvo. Thanks again!"


Neil. H. MAY 23/14





"I appreciate the little touches that was done without charge - example: one of my headlight lenses was cracked and I noticed that a bead of sealant was applied to the crack without me asking for it. A nice touch!"


Ken. Y. MAY 29/14






"Christopher Sage & Manny Dorego were excellent in their knowledge base. Their friendly, effcient, professional service made the entire process easy & enjoyable."








"Even our kids who no longer own Volvos, say that the service that they received from Valentine Volvo in the past is the standard by which they now judge the service that they get from others. I agree."


John. K. MAY 22/14





"The customer service was very accommodating. I had a last minute meeting scheduled and he expedited the service to my car - was able to have it done in 1/2 hour as opposed to 1 & 1/2 hours. He also offered for me to come back to have my car washed when it was more convenient for me..."


Joanne. Y. MAY 21/14





"Every person in the process was helpful and extremely professional. This is the best new car buying experience that I have had to this point. Thanks again."







"Trading in our 2007 XC90 and purchasing our new XC90 was relatively painless and handled very smoothly by your staff, Bruce Ellis and Manny Dorego. We were happy that you had some inventory to choose from at this time of year with attractive pricing."







"So far so good all staff were helpful, friendly and you can tell they are part of a family orientated, team business."







"Great service. Got a call regarding my financial approval the same day (on a Saturday, no less). Had to change the time on when to pick up my car and Benjamin was very accommodating. Even got a follow up call last night on whether we had any questions."







"Teresa was wonderful at the desk and very accommodating. Sure appreciated her efficiency. I didn't have to wait for the shuttle and he was very friendly and helpful in getting me to my work site."


John. F. MAY 4/14





"Terry, Bill and Richard in sales have been outstanding! I had the best dealership experience".


Rabin. R. MAY 7/14





"Teresa was wonderful at the desk and very accommodating - sure appreciated her efficiency. I didn't have to wait for the shuttle and he was very friendly and helpful in getting me to my work site".


John. F. MAY 2/14





"Happy with the performance of my previous Volvos which we kept for over 20 years before giving them to some friends. Also our daughter drives an S40 Volvo and she recommended the XC90 for a 7 seater to accommodate our grandchildren".







"Absolutely perfect experience from the time we walked in right through the entire transaction. Very knowledgable and helpful with any and all questions about our new vehicle".







"Over the years we have been pleased with the service we have received from your dealership. Kevin was our service consultant. He is friendly, polite and very efficient. Upon completion of the service he took the time to review what was done".


Don. Y. MAY 1/14





"I appreicate that Kevin Tan took the time to figure out the service required. Vehicle (new to my family) was purchased in Edmonton. Kevin worked through past service orders to find out what was completed and what needed to be completed during the visit. I appreciate him working through the paper work to ensure I did miss anything".


Steven. F. MAY 1/14





"Although the service area was busy, a technician immediately came out to change my stop light and told me that the cost was covered by warranty".


Lily. N. APRIL 30/14





"Valentine Volvo takes all extra steps to make servicing your car as painless as possible".


Gordon. F. APRIL 28/14





"Excellent service! I said that I had a meeting between 4:30 and 6:30 and suggested a way to pick up my car although the dealership would be closed. In the end you managed to get my car done well before 4:00 so it wasn't an issues. Thanks".


Karla. S. APRIL 25/15





"Valentine Volvo makes service calls a pleasant experience!"


Anne. C. APRIL 25/14





"The consultants are always professional, friendly, and accommodating, as are your courtesy drivers".


Joanne. L. APRIL 22/14





"Very flexible - I had to change my appointment time and it was handled easily. Jonathan Furkalo was a good listener and very professional".


Michael. G. APRIL 21/14





"You feel comfortable entering the dealership".


Melville. D. APRIL 22/14





"We were extremely satisfied with the service and attention of our Sale Consultant Patrick Lalonde and everyone at Valentine Volvo!"


Lorraine. H. APRIL 14/14





"Our sales consultant, Richard, was fantastic! He really help us in making a good decision and never pressured us into making a sale. He offered us to do a long test drive and provided us with all required information on the Volvo. He was really knowledgeable on the Volvo, but also on other vehicles on the market. The Business Manager, Rebecca, was more than fantastic! I have to travel a lot for work and she facilitate all required paper work via Email. She even negotiated a better interest rate on my behalf. She offered us outstanding services! Personally, I'm still in "WOW" of the experience I just loved Valentine Volvo. I think my experience is outstanding compared to some friends and co-worker that didn't experience the same satisfaction with their dealerships."


Charlene. G. APRIL 11/14






"Colin Wenner and Rebecca were excellent to deal with. A painless purchase experience."


Ryan. H. APRIL 16/14





"Excellent service from Ben Scott, as when my Mom purchased her Volvo last Fall."


Shannon. K. APRIL 17/14





"Quick and accurate responses for quotes on work required. This was on both XC90 and XC60. Both Karleigh and Kevin are accommodating and proficient advisors. Thanks to both for making it easier for us as we live in Canmore. Julie and I appreciate a understanding dealership!"


Julie. B. MAR 24/14





"I very much appreciated getting the car back ahead of the weekend as my wife needs it to get to work on Sat. I also was glad for the taxi ride up there Fri, and the excellent detailing job that was done on the car too. Thanks a lot Terry."


Larry. D. APRIL 11/14





"Due to my cab being late to take me back to the dealership, the service consultant, Kevin, offered to stay a little late, that was nice."


Roderick. G. APRIL 11/14





"As always the Service and Sales staff when above and beyond to deal with the repairs required. Great team to deal with."


Jane. P. APRIL 10/14





"As always the Service and Sales staff when above and beyond to deal with the repairs required. Great team to deal with."


Jane. P. APRIL 7/14






"Took care of everything promptly at the agreed appointment time, and provided a comfortable waiting area (with good coffee!) while I waited. And they washed my car too. Can't really ask for more than that."


Carol. C. APRIL 8/14





"Thanks to Art for always being so kind and in good spirits when he picks me up! Thank you for providing such a great service."


Stephanie. S. APRIL 3/14





"We've had Volvos before and they were comfortable and reliable. However, frankly my reason for buying this car is that it is the ONLY performance wagon on the market in North America!"


James. S. MAR 26/14





"Overall experience dealing with Valentine Volvo and more specifically Patrick was a good one. At no point did we feel pressure to close on the deal and were give ample time to make our decision. Patrick did a good job of working within our budget and giving us various options when it came to new or used vehicles."


Sam. K. MAR 21/14






"I asked to have my car ready by 1pm -- it was available at 11:30am. Great job!"


Dennis. D. MAR 26/14





"You really have got it together! I will sing your praises to all those sceptics of the Volvo name."


Andrew. H MAR 27/14





"Very thankful for the vacuumed floor and cleaned floor mats!"


Kathleen. D. APRIL 25/14





"You really have go it together! I will sing your praises to all those sceptics of the Volvo name."


Andrew. H. MAR 26/14






"I asked to have my car ready by 1pm -- it was available at 11:30am. Great job!"


Dennis. D. MAR 25/14




"Karleigh was exceptional in co-ordinating with the Volvo team and Service Manager to deal with my emergency situation."


Margort. G. MAR 25/14





"Flawless execution of the agreed maintenance and additional services. Prompt and transparent communication all the way through. Appreciated the attention of keeping the car protected inside."


Oob. N. MAR 24/14







"I was able to get the appointment quickly and my car was serviced in an expeditious manner."


Sharon. B. MAR 24/14





"I've been coming to the dealership since 2006, and I'm never disappointed."


Allison. M. MAR 16/14





"A pleasure dealing with Jonathan and the gang. Thank you."


Kim. L. MAR 19/14





"Extremely impressed with Valentines Volvo's service thus far."


Laurette. T. MAR 19/14





"Richard was fun, friendly, not pushy in any way, and provided exceptional service. Our process was very much to look for the right fit for our needs. What might be fun for the next few years? Should we lease or buy? New or used? What do we do with our old car? It was all about being taken care of and made to feel like we got a great deal and we had some fun in the process. Richard and Valentine Volvo were hands down was the best we met and are a large reason why we bought from them!"







"Jon went out of his way to try get the Air conditioning issue sorted out. Much appreciated. The service people are getting to know me on sight and I appreciate the personal touch. Thanks for all of the support"


Allan. D. MAR 17/14 





"Focused and accommodating of customer needs. Knowledgable, friendly and able to get our work done while we waited. Excellent service!"


Yvette. G. MAR 15/14






"Excellent dealership. Very customer service oriented with very high standards."


Allison. M. MAR 12/14






"I've been coming to the dealership since 2006, and I'm never disappointed. Your service consultants are consistently courteous, knowledgeable, and accommodating. This is the best front line crew ever. Thank you for the peace of mind and for keeping my cars running smoothly and safely."


Allison. M. MAR 12/14






"We were in a pinch this week and had an unexpected repair to make and we were provided with a loaner car and had a quick turnaround - very appreciated. I felt our long term loyalty to the dealership was rewarded."


Kathleen. R. MAR 14/14






"My experience with previous Volvo vehicles, and their reputation for safe and quality units is why I purchased another Volvo."


Andrew. K. MAR 8/14






"The service at Valentine is far superior to other dealerships in Calgary which is why I bought a second vehicle here."


Terri. T. MAR 13/14





"Ben, Bryan, & Ashley were all professional and pleasant to deal with."








"Volvo rules!"


Oscar. M. MAR 8/14





"Richard was great! Allowing me two separate times to take the vehicle home for 2 day periods helped in my decision."







"I had some concerns before driving the car to California and forgot to mention the AWD problem to the service consultant. However the tech found it upon his inspection. I am glad he was "on the ball"!"


Jan. L. FEB 26/14





"Very professional. We appreciated that we could test drive the car for a couple days; this was a factor in our choice."


John. V. FEB 22/14





"I have been leasing new vehicles since my wife and I graduated from post secondary school. I have had some good and not so good dealings but I can say with the utmost confidence that my experiences at Valentine Volvo have been the best by a long shot. From Tyler, Bryan to Rebecca they were all a pleasure to deal with. Look forward to my next leasing experience in a year or so."


Trent. B. FEB 26/14





"Very pleased to have my vehicle detailed and looking 'new'!"


Sherrill. E. FEB 22/14





"Kevin was very nice and remembered my name even though it was my first visit."


Graeme. W. FEB 26/2014






"This is the most friendly place to come to after a long day at work! Your front desk staff are great. Thanks to Patrick for organizing a loaner and a detail.... it was so very much appreciated."


Michele. D. FEB 21/14





"Excellent service. Ben is a knowledgable saleman, and Bryan has been of great assistance and tracking down a Volvo for my wife."


Brian. S. FEB 8/14





"Teresa has all the skills necessary for professional and courteous treatment of her clients"


Kevin. D. FEB 20/14





"Richard was our sales consultant back in 2009, we remember how impressed we where when we walked into the show room. Again, unexpectantly we walked into the show room, thinking lets see what's new before the February car show. Well Richard was working and he made our purchase effortless."








"The consultants care about the concerns and needs of the customer, very professional."


Welin. Y. JAN 27/14






"Everything at Valentine Volvo is top-notch, as always. Thank you!!"


Dianna. P. FEB 2/14





"Kevin Tan took care of my XC90 with great service. Kevin was outstanding! He cared about the outcome of my visit (cost and my expierance with Volvo)."


John. B. FEB 4/14





"My car was driving very shaky I turned around went home, called the dealership, they said they could get me in right away. I brought in the car they had someone drive me to the theatre to get my daughter and I to our movie I had promised her and then picked us up a few hours later when it was done!"


Angela. S. JAN 31/14





"Teresa arranged for a loaner car so I was able to ride in with the tow driver and drive back. Battery and remote keys were covered under warranty. I picked up my car the next day. Jon called in the AM and advised that the car was ready and explained the problem. When I picked up the car Bill took the time to help re-program my keys - much appreciated. Thanks again!!"


Grant. S. JAN 30/14





"Safety, reliability, longevity and luxury."


Kathleen. G. Jan 26/14





"I can't imagine what you could do to improve my ownership experience so far!"


Kathleen. G. JAN 26/14





"My experience was very good. Colin was straightfoward, seemed to have my interests in mind throughout the process."


Sean. M. JAN 27/14





"My experience with Valentine Volvo was exceptional. The interaction with my salesman Bruce Ellis, throughout the process was top notch. Bruce always kept me informed about the status and circumstances about my car. He made the purchase a very smooth and enjoyable process. Staff at the dealership were also friendly, professional, helpful and efficient."


Kathleen. G. JAN 26/14





"Karleigh was spectacular on the phone and with all the updates and getting everything prepared. She was a pleasure to deal with."


Wesley. W. JAN 24/14






"Thank you very much for all your help. Valentine Volvo gave us superior service and amazing help."


Mary. G. JAN 26/14





"Great work by all the team! Thanks."


Neil. H. JAN 30/14





"I needed an emergency repair.. and everyone was extremely helpful!"


John. M. JAN 27/14





"I love Valentine Volvo service department... of all the makes I've driven over the years; these guys are by far the best!"


Andrea. S. JAN 30/14





"Matt did an excellent job. Highlighted all the issues and gave excellent advice on how to tackle the issues and good detailed quotes for work."


Neil. H. JAN 23/14





"I had a problem with my car. Went to Valentine Volvo, they checked the car the same day. Ordered parts and set a date for repair. Flexible and helpfull when I had this problem, I really appreciated that."


Espen. H. JAN 24/14





"Thank you very much for all your help. Valentine Volvo gave us superior service and amazing help."


Mary. G. JAN 24/14





"The second time I've dealt with Liane...she is courteous, knowledgeable, and great at keeping in touch."


Nick. P. JAN 20/14





"I always feel welcome here, rare to feel that at a dealership."


Eric. S. JAN 23/14





"I love the waiting area - I always bring work and wait instead of having the courtesy drive. Thanks, it's really nice with drinks and snacks... really appreciate it."


Rae-Anne. B. JAN 23/14





"Shane welcomed us as soon as we entered the dealership. He took the time to make sure we were taken care of and asked if we needed anything while waiting for our vehicle to be serviced. He also took the time to go over vehicle information as we are thinking of leasing another Volvo. Shane is a great asset to the dealership!


Leslie. S. JAN 12/14





"Very helpful, efficient, knowledgeable and willing to investigate answers for my questions!"


Audra. R. JAN 20/14





"We were looking for a vehicle that was all wheel drive, had a good safety record and that we liked the looks of... the Volvo fit all categoies."


Yvette. G. JAN 8/14





"I dropped my car in without an appointment and was able to pick it up that day. Now it is driving like 'silk' again."


Susan. B. JAN 6/2014







"Reception was very pleasant. My ride to work was available quickly. I took a cab back for pickup at VV cost - thank you."


Robert. R. JAN 7/2014





"It would receive my top customer service award for a Calgary business."


Susan. B. JAN 6/2014





"I wanted to make a point to mention Ahmed, the service I got from him was amazing and so appreciated!! I had a baby with me and he took us downtown and picked us up. Putting in my car seat base, getting out of the car to help me with the stroller, carrying it all to the car and upon getting my car back he put the car seat base back in my car. He went above and beyond, I hope that you can let him know how appreciated he is and how thankful I am. Thank you!"


Stephanie. C. DEC 27/2013





"We continue to receive outstanding service from this dealership. They are welcoming, efficient and explain things thoroughly. I always leave feeling well served and confident in their ability to maintain my car to the best standards."


Carla. E. DEC 30/2013





"Jonathon is great to work with. Takes the time to explain things and makes it easy for me. Thanks for the stellar customer service!"


Alexandria. C. DEC 31/2013





"I paid a visit on a Saturday morning to have a splash guard which was damaged replaced. I had an outstanding reception from the service advisor, including those who were not attending to me greeting me by name. Most touching of all was finding a nice Volvo blanket left on the front seat compliments of Valentine Volvo for the holidays. That's what I call WOW Service. Many thanks Terry and Staff. You are awesome."


Christos. T. DEC 24/2013





"I continue to be "wowed" by your service team. Love the thorough assessment of my car - noticing small items that I had not noticed (visor that was not staying in full upright position) and an offer to replace this at no cost, a complete written review of all that was checked gives me a great sense of value and reassurance, and having my car washed before being returned was a pleasant surprise. I've already raved about yesterday's experience with my friends. Thank you!"


Jayne. T. DEC 27/2013





"Terry Coulter and his team went out of their way to assist me in fixing my car just prior to some major travel. Without them I would not have been able to get to where I needed to get to, Thank you!"


Andrew. A. DEC 23/2013





"Thanks agin (as always), for your commitment to providing great service!"


Robert. B. DEC 16/2013





"I could not have had better service, thank you so much!"


Shirley. C. DEC 16/2013





"The ability to have me back on the road, same day was very appreciated."


Linda. M. DEC 5/2013





"Safety features first, then to the convenience and luxury features. The safety features have paid off already. Yesterday while taking my son to his jui-jitsu class, a woman crossed a traffic intersection in front of me, she didn't see me at all. I just caught her in my peripheral vision and braked, but before I could react the lights and horns were going. Systems worked perfectly and a collision in my 3 day old XC60 was avoided."


Paul. L. DEC 3/2013





"Kevin was really terrific. I had concerns after the car was in the shop, and he was able to fit me in 2 days later to address the problem. He also was great with communicating about the status of the work, and arranging a ride for me. I felt well taken care of."


Robin. M. DEC 2/2013






"Special kudos to Will the shuttle driver. When I realized I forgot my lunch at Valentine, he dropped it off on his second downtown run."


Laura. L. NOV 23/2013





"As this was our first service, we had several questions about our car and the service manager came out and answered them all."


Scott. P. NOV 29/2013





"Teresa Findlay is an exceptional service consultant - calm and professional with a sense of humour."


Lenore. D.





"Excellent service, excellent mix of vehicles in show room and friendly staff!"


Duane. P.





"I always feel valued and well cared for. Coming here is like going home. You create a wonderful atmosphere which in turn creates trust."


Karen. F.





"I so appreciate Bill the shop foreman and team for fitting my C30 into their already busy schedule. The fact that Bill took the time to go on a quick test drive to diagnose the issue was above and beyond my expectations. And the one day turnaround was very much appreciated! Kevin Tan has been my Service Consultant a number of times, and he is always friendly and highly professional. He takes great care of me, and I especially appreciate how he always has time for my questions. Thank you."


Natalie. D.





"Compare the XC60 to a Q5, RX350 and others. I liked the style, power and ride better"


Arjay. O.





"Always impressed with the service we are offered."


Kim. L.





"Last week my wife and I purchased our 2013 XC70 from Valentine Volvo. Our salesman, Bruce Ellis guided us through the entire process. It is evident that Bruce has years of experience in the art of selling cars. Bruce is attentive to our needs a good listener, friendly and informative. He is sensitive to the nature of his clients, and is not pushy but at the same time he is very thorough.

Bruce has a high opinion of Volvo products and that sincerity translates into the way he communicates with clients. In the week that we have had our new car, Bruce called to make sure that we were satisfied. This level of service has impressed us.

Working with Bruce and your team at Valentine has made this entire transaction a pleasure."


Bill. L. & Barbara. M.





"Always so pleasant to visit! Everyone makes sure that our needs are taken care of promptly. Valentine Volvo treats us like family."


Dianna. P.





"There was a power outage in this area of Calgary, yet I still got my car back on time. Job well done."


Martine. S.





"You have a great team there. I would like to extend kudos to the drivers. I'm sure they don't get thanked enough for what they do. Especially Art, who gets me to work and goes out of his way to make certain someone is coming to pick me up before the end of the day. Thanks!"


Rick. S.






"The staff at Valentine Volvo went above and beyond to save us from being stranded for the weekend. We can't express our appreciation and gratitude."


Louise. G.





"Kevin was excellent, he kept me informed and was very professional."


Reid. S.





"The service team was able to take my car late Saturday afternoon and was able to supply me with a loaner vehicle. Greatly appreciated!"


Michael. B.






"Bailey Parker was incredibly helpful!"


Christian. T.






"This was more than a service job and I thank you for everything you did. Kevin Tan was amazing and so as Patrick Lalonde is a great young guy. All the best!"


Mohammad. A.





"I like being able to make an appointment and to have wireless internet with a work area while I wait. Very pleasant. Also appreciated that my tires were checked in such detail as to find a nail that was removed and my tire patched. Makes me feel very confident in the care being taken to assess my vehicle."


Jayne. T.






"He was very friendly and helpful and took the time to explain things to me!"


Devon. S.






“No complains at all only good things to say. Teresa Findlay was very helpful and nice.”


Anastasia. S.






“I am happy with the results of a requested check-up of my car prior to a trip south. My husband and I had an opportunity to talk to the tech. as well. He was very helpful and explained the repairs to our satisfaction. The service consultant was Helpful as he tried to find a shuttle to my yoga class....and I go there on time!”


Jann. L.






“He was very helpful, informative, explain everything with detail, went above and beyond with his customer service, I felt like a valuable customer.”


Michael. P.






“Terry the service manager is outstanding.”


Jennifer. A.





“The dealership values the customer and is sincere in the desire to help. Excellent listening and advocacy skills! Went the extra mile.”


Georgia. D.






“Absolutely fabulous!! On time, Did what I was booked for and in less time than I was told. And a wash which is a nice touch!”


Vicki. S.






"Bailey was fantastic, her communication skills and follows up are impressive."


Kevin. H.






"All the staff were extremely friendly. The service consultants and shuttle drivers!"


Ronnie. H.






"Teresa Findlay was the best customer service representative I have ever had the pleasure of working with at a car dealership. Thank you!"


Nick. S.






"Booked my appointment car was ready within 40 minutes, so it was great!"


Andrew. T.






"We just purchased our next Volvo at Valentine in large part to your excellent service!"


Lori. R.






"Both the service advisor Sintija and the mechanic Matthew who worked on our car were exceptionally helpful and a pleasure to deal with."


Roger. S.






"Both staff I spoke with were friendly and effecient. The shuttle drivers are terrific and I appreciate that service very much. The car was washed for my pick up- thank you!"


Barb. B.






"Quality shows not just in the product but how a customer is treated. Client first is a reality at Valentine. An appointment is important in this busy world and nothing irks a customer more than being told a time to bring a vehicle in an then join a seemingly endless line of customers. This isn't the case at Valentine. The time for service was precisely as scheduled and even a few minutes sooner. Thank You."


Stuart. L.






"Excellent promotion, the one year complimentary detailing. Very helpful and accommodating!"


Cherly. T.






"As soon as we walked in the door we were taken care of. Everyone was helpful and very professional."


Jennifer. A





"The service appointment was on time, and finished on schedule, which I really appreciate as I was waiting with my two small kids. We also received a cute Valentines teddy bear which my toddler loved!"


Kristen. W.






"I was late however the lady at the counter was extremely helpful and she waited beyond 5:30 PM so that I can pick up the car."


Arupa. D.






"I always feel very welcomed when I visit you place. Keep up the good work."


Florence. C.






"The Service Consultant had sympathy that I had left my Volvo mug at the last service - he replaced it for me. That was very kind. Thank You!"


Joy. C.






"Starts and finishes with Bailey - very responsive, accommodating and pleasant and the car wash was a nice touch."


Doug. B.







"As always an excellent service!"


Kay. M.





"Kevin Tan went out of his way to ensure I was completely satisfied with the repair before leaving."


Patricia. A.






"Staff were knowledgeable and friendly, Valentine Volvo is a nice place to sit and wait."


Caral. E.






"Outstanding because you pay attention to detail, thorough with information!"


Jean. M.






"Bailey Parker was extremely pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. She contacted me several times throughout the repair process to keep me updated and she is a pleasure to deal with. Thankfully my main issue was covered under warranty and would have been very expensive. I thought the whole process was great and alleviated any concerns I may have had about dealing with a dealer :) Great dealership and service staff !!! Thank you. "


Craig. P.





"When I have to purchase a vehcile again, I would go back to Valentine Volvo!"


Gayle. H.






"I am very happy with everyone at Valentine Volvo, you seem to aim to please. My service consultant was very personable and took care of all my needs. I tell everyone how impressive Valentine is. After you drive your new car off the lot, the service and courtsey continues! Thank you."


Donna. G.






"I have always been happy with all departments, very competent and helpful!"


Ernest. D.






"Great work! Very fast and efficient!"


Artsimenia Ent. Inc






"Overall it was a pleasant experience buying at your dealership, the receptionist was very pleasant, and Rebecca Kotyk in the Business Office was very nice too."


William. S.





"I love dealing with Valentine Volvo. Everything was wonderful and smooth. They handled everything, so all I had to do was sign the paperwork, and drive away with absolutely no concerns. I trust everyone there. They are awesome. I Love Chris Sage and Rebecca Kotyk."


Helga. H.





"We brought the car into the dealership with an oil pressure problem. My wife was able to arrange for the car to be checked on the same day and we went on to have the 48000KM service completed. We were pleased with the prompt attention in dealing with a potentially serious problem."


Dwight. T.






"Kevin Tan provided amazing detail and went above and beyond getting me extra information!"


Corrie. P.





"Very happy with my first visit. Everyone was pleasant and helpful!"


Susan. R.





"Everything was terrific, I was dealt with immediately for a minor concern, offered coffee, diagnosed and repaired problem while I waited. Even washed my car! Nice. We had previously phoned for the problem. Amanda did her best and was efficient and curteous she was keeping us informed of the progress."


Deborah. C.






"Teresa Findlay is friendly, personable and thorough. Thanks for making me feel like I was your only customer of the day!"


Caroline. E.





"Kevin was very helpful and friendly!"


Effie. S.






"Wonderful service. Terry Coulter was extremely helpful, we have never had such pleasant and honest service people. Thank you very much. Also they washed my car for me, which was much appreciated. If I were to ever buy another Volvo I would not hesitate to come back there. Thank you very much."


Doris. O.






"I appreciate the time Mr. Bill O'Dell took to explain my repair options!"


Donald. S.






"Teresa Findlay is fantastic to deal with, as is the case with everyone at Valentine Volvo that we have met. Thank you all for the super service!"


Liz. F.






"Car was ready by early afternoon. Easy to deal with and very expediant. All of the paper work was ready and an easy transition. Also travel arrangements to and from the dealership were very efficient!"


Vinto Dass





"Friendly, Quick, Curtious and Efficient!"


Duane. P.







"Excellent!!! From the really nice fellow who drove me home and back while my window was being repaired, Sintija Indriksone was exceptionally nice! Someone even washed my very dirty XC90, which was greatly appreciated! :) Oh yes, and now my window works perfectly. "10s" all around!"


John. H.





"Your team is always very proactive to address my concerns!"


Tuck. C.





"Thanks to Kevin Tan for taking care of us to provide the best service and price!"


Tori. H.






"Every time I come in Jonathan Furkalo greets me by name as does Bryan Cassidy in sales. They are always pleasant as are the rest of the service department!"


Cori. B.






"Kevin Tan was very polite, knowledgeable & accommodating."


Jobert. M.






"Always very pleasant staff, welcoming and everything went very smooth!"


Cathernine. H.






"You guys always do a great job at Valentine. This time my car came in with filthy floor mats, and those were like new when I picked it up. You didn't have to do that extra bit for me, but thanks. Also since I didn't have the copy of my extended warranty, she dug up a copy at Valentine, and was able to discover that more of my repair was covered than initially thought. I really appreciate that extra effort!"


Glenn. W.






"Top notch, from sales, financing all the way through to service. Kevin Tan was very attentive, listened carefully so he understood what issues had to be dealt with then went out of his way to ensure that the issues were all attended to in an efficient and timely manner. All issues were addressed and some additional feedback and "fixes" applied that I was unaware of. Very happy!!"


Donald. A.






"I had my car in for service last week and your team did a great job of replacing some suspension parts that made a major rattling noise completely disappear. Thanks for that!"


Ross. M.






"I really needed quick assistance and Valentine Volvo delivered big time! Thanks a million. Kevin Tan, he's the man. Terry Coulter ain't bad either! I needed to travel out of town due to a medical emergency and was very concerned when my traction control warning light/message came on in mydashboard. Winter travel is bad enough but worrying about traction control on top of that was a high concern to me. Kevin not only coordinated part delivery and installation in time for me to get on the road.... He and the techs found a couple other items that came up while checking OBD codes and fixed them too. Wow! Also updated my software for a Bluetooth issue and a USB problem. Need safety and comfort on the highway too, right?!"


Larry. J.





"Knowledgeable, helpful and friendly!"


Frank. C.






"Candy and I are very pleased with your personnel, and service!"


Greg. S.






"Bailey Parker was terrific in every way and very knowledgable!"


Kit. J.





"Booking times were fit in to our time schedule and the staff provided an extremely high quality of knowledge about our vehicle service needs. Our service advisor was quick and knowledgable. Plus advice on how to manage our vehicle service needs to suit our driving style/habits."


Angela. J.





"All of my service concers were addressed. No charge for a re-assessment of emmission light issue was a surprise! Also important was a brief explanation of the complications of assessing an emmission light issue. The personal attention from the service manager, road testing etc. was all fantastic!"


Jeff. S.






"Always excellent friendly, prompt & informative"


Simon. V.






"Good Job guys! Professional work."


Scott. L.






"Jonathan Furkalo provided excellent assistance including good pricing on new winter tires."


James. J.





"Service was excellent and fast. Provided great and excellent customer service, including providing the needed information/communication."


Addain. P.






"A thorough job was completed in excellent time. It is always a treat to visit Valentine Volvo. Competent service is a rarity in most dealerships these days. Thank you."


Heather. M.





"Terrific as always. Thank you!"


Lorraine. H.






"Kevin Tan was awesome to deal with!! Really appreciated him!"


Stephanie. C.






"Jonathan Furkalo is a huge asset to your department, as usual he is patient and understanding and works to take care of our needs."


Doug. G.






"Appreciate the high standard of customer service. Always pleasant to visit Valentine Volvo!"


Sherie. H.






"Every time that I have had Jonathan Furkalo as my service consultant he has provided excellent service and keeps me informed!"


Brent. S.






"Everyone was great, friendly and helpful!"


Elke. G.






"Valentine Volvo is courteous, informative, and made sure we knew what was being done."


Maurice. E.







"I want to commend the Service Department at Valentine Volvo for truly outstanding service to me and my family whenever we bring our Volvo S60 in for servicing. For example, about a week ago, our driver's side mirror broke. I took it in and not only did they have the part in stock but your service people installed it on my car while I was waiting (it took only about 15 minutes). Very impressive. Thank you!"


Dale. F.






"Thank you to your team for getting this done so quickly - it made us feel more secure on our drive up to Edmonton for Christmas to be in our own vehicle."


Michelle. H.






"I dropped in with no appointment and had a road test, diagnosis, use of a loaner and a car repair all in the space of 3 hours. Great job! Thanks for this great work!"


Peter. M.







"Teresa Findlay is always a pleasure to deal with. Your AM/PM shuttle team are fantastic as well!"


Fraser. A.






"Jon Furkalo was very professional and knowledgable. He answered all my questions and was most courteous. Thank you!"


Kathy. G.






"From the front desk staff everyone is personable and friendly!"


Rod. G.






"My service advisor was really good. He took his time and respectfully explain my service procedures to me."


Musa. K.






"Dealt with Kevin Tan and he went out of his way to make my wait worth while! Very friendly."


Michael. Z.







"The service consultants offered us service that we have grown to expect. They went above & beyond when they had our car washed (and ready on time). Thank you!"


Nancy. D.







"Kevin Tan is the best he always offers great service!"


Richard. T.







"Kevin Tan acknowledged me by name which is really nice, makes you feel like they know you and you are valued!"


Wendy. S.






"Teresa Findlay is a pleasure to work with and always polite. Genuinely concerned with the customer!"


Allan. D.






"The dealership is always friendly and helpful!"


Heather. T.






"On a scale of good, great and wow...WOW!!"


Robert. N.






"The dealership is a very well run business. It is bright, clean and has a comfortable sitting area with great coffee. The service consultant Kevin Tan was excellent. He explained in great detail everything that was done to the car. He made sure that the car was cleaned up inside before I took it home. He was very polite and knowledgeable. Thank you for your service."


Sandra. P.






"Jonathan Furkalo is a nice young fellow, he is very knowlegable regarding the repairs my vehicle required."


David. H.






"Jonathan Furkalo went out of his way to help my situation. He kept me informed of the progress and certainly made efforts to minimize the expense. I was impressed with his service!"


Joe. M.






"This was my first visit in since getting the car, and I found it easy. It was a nice touch that my car was washed afterwords. I feel like I am a valued customer. Thank you!"


Bradley. C.






"Always great service, accommodated my schedule, provided me a courtesy car and had my car washed. I appreciate this extra touch very much!"


Beverly. S.






"Your team did it again. Thanks for the outstanding service!"


Susan. B.





"Teresa Findlay definitely went above and beyond the call in trying to find a new engine for the car and her efforts are greatly appreciated."


Phil. B.





"Wonderful service, especially appreciated the ride to Valentine Volvo to pick up my car when it was done."


Thomas. B.






"Your staff went beyond expectations to get my car fixed quickly!"


Birgitte. M.






"If there was a rating higher than outstanding I'd use it. Valentine Volvo is by far the best dealership I have done business with!"


Michael. C.






"From the time I walk into the dealership, I am made to feel welcome. Your staff are all warm and friendly, and my original salesman Patrick Lalonde always makes a special point of coming to say hello!"


Michele. D.






"Customer service is always top priority. Fast, efficient and friendly!"


Jennifer. K.






"I appreciated the prompt shuttle service and the nice wash of my car after service. Thanks!"


Gerald. M.






"Teresa Findlay is the best! I call her and she has an answer right away. My XC70 just snapped its ignition cylinder. I called Teresa directly and she diagnosed the problem accurately. I told her I would have the car towed to the dealership. She called the very next morning, first message on my phone.. Excellent! She let me know the car was at the dealership. The problem had been confirmed and the part had been ordered and she would be in touch when I was ready and to call her with any questions. This is precisely the kind of care I need. Teresa is always excellent!"


Chris. B.





"Jason Anthony was super! He arranged for my shuttle service to and from the airport. Both shuttle drivers were excellent - Ted Jolly was my return driver and I don't recall the first driver's name. Upon my return, Jason had my car warmed up and even backed it near the service entrance so I could load my luggage!"


Grant. S.






"Terrific dealership - Great rest area and I really enjoy the wifi while waiting. Nice touch!"


Micheal. B.






"Very friendly and knowledgable, and I liked that you washed my car very much!!"


Erin. T.






"Jason Anthony went above the usual high standard of care at Valentine Volvo."


Martine. S





"Kevin Tan provided an excellent service ensuring that I was looked after regarding shuttle service in a timely manner!"


Bob. L.






"Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, that I've encountered at Valentine Volvo is focused on providing the highest level of customer service. It is truly a pleasure to do business with them!"


Judy. B.






"Jason Anthony was very helpful and suggested a cab to pick me up as the drivers were all busy. Top notch treatment!"


Phyllis. R.





"I dealt initially with Amanda on the phone. She was responsive, understanding, very flexible and helpful. Jason on the day of the appointment was also very helpful and efficient."


Catherine. B.






"Once again, our trip into Valentine Volvo was a pleasurable experience. The staff are always very friendly, professional and trusting with their expertise and assistance. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have such knowledgeable staff looking after us and our vehicles. Thank you!"


Susan. G.






"Love Teresa Findlay, love Jason Anthony - Seem to know and remember me from one visit to another."


Naida. F.






"As usual, the service consultant was courteous and professional!"


Tracy. H.






"Jonathan Furkalo greets me by name every time, he is pleasant and knowledgeable."


Cori. B.






"Always amazing service, kind, professional and pleasant. Teresa Findlay is lovely. Always the highlight of my day when I see or talk to her."


Twyla. M.






"Jason Anthony was great. He called me throughout the day - which I appreciated-and kept me informed as to what I needed to know about me car at the time."


Lucia. L.






"I think that my service consultant Jon Furkalo as well as head mechanic Bill O'Dell as well as the mechanics who worked on my car went out of their way to ensure that my car and myself were well looked after. John went the extra step to fit me into the repair shop schedule and worked closely with the mechanics so that I got my car back sooner than I expected. THANKS!!! From the front service desk right back into the shop floor you have some pretty good dedicated personnel. That's why I've been coming back to Valentine for service since 1987."


Robin. R.






"Sam Lee was fantastic to deal with. He kept me up to date, and made sure my car was ready for me to pick the kids up in time!"


Lori. F.






"Tyler was very honest about everything and made me feel like I was purcahsing the right car for me!"


Lisa. C.





"I always feel welcome and I Like that they use my first name like I'm family!"


Penny. S.






"This is our first Volvo and feel this was the best move we could have made because of the salesperson and staff."


Melville. D.






"This dealership is incredible... They work towards customer satisfaction EVERYTIME. Valentine Volvo dealership has a great service department. Everyone we have met there is super... Friendly, courteous and helpful. They aim to please each and every time and work towards correcting the problem."


Glen. I.






"They were able to accommodate me on short notice and get the work done by the date that they stated. Kevin Tan took care of me and, as always, did a fantastic job keeping me informed on a timely basis, getting authorizations from me as required and just doing a great job. He is a credit to the Valentine Volvo family and a very nice guy."


Paul. V.






"The service advisors were friendly, helpful and professional. I was in and out in 15 minutes."


Karl. H.





"Everyone was welcoming and enthusiastic about servicing my car even after my third return time back trying to fix a problem. As well, while I was waiting I was looking at the XC60. Gustavo Perez mentioned I should speak with Christopher Sage and he was very pleasant, accommodating, informative and professional. You have a great team! In fact, I have been considering other brands of vehicles (BMW X6 and Audi) and I will now think twice considering the level of service I received at Valentine Volvo. Well done!"


Geoff. D.





"Very polite and friendly, explaing all the details very well about the repairs."


Margareta. M.






"All our contacts were friendly, knowledgeable and extremely helpful Thank you!"


Stephen. T.






"Patrick Lalonde was instrumental in keeping my overall experience outstanding!"


Oob. N.






"The dealership is very friendly and professional, and any sales or service consultants we have dealt with have done an excellent job of answering our questions and providing additional information."


Chris. H.






"Friendly, and worked to fit us in at the last minute with car failure."


Garrett. M.






"Sam Lee was extrememly helpful and even arranged a loaner vehicle for me on short notice. You guys always go the extra mile and that's why I keep coming back!"


Frances. W.






"Very pleased with the service Teresa Findlay gave us!"


Monica. D.






"Teresa Findlay is a very warm and friendly person to deal as well as being knowledgeable."


Liz. L.






"I want to say a great big thank you - Kevin Tan did a good job of communicating what the repair was and ultimately what the final bill would be. Thanks for taking care of me."


Sheldon. G.






"The service consultant saw that the vehicle was going to need an oil change soon so he suggested to have it done right away to spare me a visit. Very thoughtful, thanks!"


Marie-Claude. U.






"Kevin Tan was incredibly professional and helpful!"


Philip. G.






"Kevin Tan is always excellent. He's prompt and efficient when getting back to me and he's courteous and personable when I talk to him."


Brandon. C.






"Terry Coulter and Jason Anthony helped get me the most cost effective solution to repair the transmission on my 2005 XC90."


Oswald. M.






"The parts staff were very knowledgable and bent over backwards to make sure I got a great deal!"


Tommy. F.





"We purchased a couple of Volvo's from Bryan Cassidy years ago and decided to give him a call to see the new S60. Bryan is the best Service Consultant we have ever dealt. We will not hesitate to contact him again."


Lydia. H.






"The service is always excellent at Volvo and the service consultants are professional and friendly. We have to give Terry Coulter credit for the excellent training and support he gives to his front line staff."


Karl. S.






"Bernie & I were happy as clams with the service"


Doug. B.






"I was very impressed with the lengths your shop foreman went to to figure out what the problem was."


Brigitte. M.






"Friendly, helpful, helped look up cycling directions and even printed them off!"


Lisa. D.






"Kevin Tan was fantastic and the repair was outstanding!"


Jason. C.






"Friendly, attentive, took time to find answers to all my questions and to explain service results."


Robin. V.






"Your service staff are always so professional and friendly. I have been very impressed with the service I have received on all of our visits. Thank you!"


Carolyn. S.






"Jason Anthony did a fantastic job of installing a satellite radio in my 2006 S60. He provided the warranty info/documentation as well. My car was washed and good to go. Amanda arranged for my lift back to the dealership and your driver was prompt and courteous. Kevin Tan was also pleasant, helpful and professional. Thank you! The experience was definitely outstanding!"


Allison. M.






"The guys doing the detailing are awesome. My eight year old car feels new again."


Bill. C.






"Polite, professional, and personalized each encounter by always using my name."


Terry. P.






"As usual, the Mechanics are awesome. The Mechanic this time excellent/awesome also."


Mike. C.






"Kevin Tan was especially friendly and helpful. He went over and above to make my service excellent."


Kathryn. S.






"My wifes car stopped working mid morning the Friday before the August long weekend. We had to have it towed to the dealer. They worked our car into the shop, replaced the oxygen sensor and had the car ready to go by 5pm so we could use it for the weekend. That's service. Thanks Valentine Volvo!"


John . B.





"This is the most comfortable, personable, and friendly dealership I have dealt with."


Liz. L.





"Very professional and focused on customer service."


Heather. L.






"Patrick Lalonde was amazing to deal with. Test driving was always available. He was very attentive to our needs."


Janet. K.





"I have always maintained that Valentine Volvo is one of the rare dealerships where customers come first and are treated fairly. This service was no different. Thank you!"


Doug. G.






"Terry Coulter was very welcoming and knowledgable. Your service tech's always get the job done right, always a pleasant visit."


Greg. V.





"Five star service. The lady at your service reception was very helpful and friendly. Gustave was also very helpful, he answered all my questions, and he fixed some minor issued in the car, he is an excellent asset to Valentine Volvo. Thank you very much, you made service visits fun. Keep up the great work!"


Sameh. F.






"Kevin Tan was great, he not only provided information about the items that needed repairs but he provided info on things that will be needed to be repaired in the future i.e. Brakes have 4mm remaining, etc. He also kept a part to show me at the end of the day as to why it needed repair. I very much appreciated those kinds of details."


Patrick. C.






"Kevin Tan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and Bruce Ellis is always available for helpful advice. This is the best dealership I have ever dealt with. Thank you."


Ernest. D.






"I called with an urgent request to help with a new noise in my wife's car as we were leaving the same day on a trip to BC. On arrival, service advisor, Jason Anthony, set me up for a test drive with technician Nathan. They managed to get a wheel bearing changed and have me on my way with a wash job as well in just over two hours. Thank you.


Pat. M.






"Kevin Tan was great. When the service was done he came and brought the invoice to me. I appreciate that the service folks washed the car too!


Andrew. T.






"A great and welcoming feel. Kevin Tan was very helpful. Specifically, he came to my car to see the issues and develope a better understanding of them, so that he could effectively communicate to the shop team."


Faheem. G.






"Theresa Findlay is extremely personable, effecient and knowledgeable. I also appreciate when the technician takes the time to speak to me and give me his read on the situation. Example - Brad and Bill are terrific."


Donna. R.






"Kevin Tan was very attentive. He connected me with Bill O'Dell (Shop Foreman) for a test drive to diagnose problem with transmission. Bill was incredible - he determined the issue within 400m of driving. Work was completed as promised and on time, AND Kevin arranged a driver to pick me up at my work - I didn't even ask!


Rick. B.






"Valentine Volvo continues to surpass our expectations as a reputable dealership with a true focus on customer satisfaction. Thank you."


Jane. P.






"Dealer was able to service my vehicle at a very busy time on short notice due to my travel plans. Very impressed that they were able to accommodate my vehicle. Always had good service at Valentine and like that they keep good computerized vehicle service history. Diagnostics excellent."


Grant. W.






"I came in with a drivers side front window that would not go up or down and I was assisted immediately - great service, I know your office is busy!"


Shirley. C.






"Polite, friendly and efficient. This was my first time visiting the service department at Valentine and I was very happy with the way I was treated. I used to drive a BMW and was always disappointed with there service department so I was very happy after my Volvo appointment."


Michael. B.






"I am very satisfied with Kevin Tan's way of treating customers. He is very experienced in his job. I hope I can book him as my consultant in my next service."


Ping. W.






"Just the usual professional service we have experienced since purchasing our vehicle. Always a pleasure to deal with Valentine Volvo."


Tom. D.





"First time at Valentine Volvo and everything was perfect. Great sales person, Tyler Dillon, and awesome experience overall to finalizing the paper with Rebecca. Couldn't have asked for better. I'm relating this to everyone we dealt with there, a breath of fresh air and far superior experience to any other dealership I've ever been with (North American or European)."


Robert. J.





"Just leased a new car and was extemely impressed with the "great" atmosphere, comfortable sales approach and ease at which the lease occured. Richard was amazing to deal with, he was part of the reason I went with the Volvo. Great follow up."


Christopher. T.





"This is our first Volvo, therefore our first experience with the service department. We're very impressed. Kevin went above and beyond to make sure that we were well looked after and informed about what was going on. We also appreciated the shuttle service and found the drivers both to be very friendly and courteous."


Susan. W.





"The dealership always goes the extra mile and is outstanding in every way! Jason is always very attentive and very helpful. Very professional!"


Diana. P.






"Kevin Tan did a great job and I was very satisfied with his communications and efforts."


Paul. V.





"New tire, and the car was washed! Could not be happier!"


Carol. S.





"I have always been happy with Valentine Volvo. Thank you for your service."


Sandra. P.





"Everything was handled in a excellent, prompt manner and all questions were answered."


Elaine. W.






"The technician found, confirmed, and fixed an electrical component problem that had been intermittently bothering me for more than a year!"


Larry. J.





"The shuttle driver was very pleasant and I would say his service was outstanding."


Kendra. P.






"Very professional customer service center at Valentine Volvo. Much appreciated!"


Maureen. C.






"I had my car detailed and power polished the guy did a really great job, my car looks like new!"


Nick. C.






"Excellent service, very helpful and accommodating."


Laila. A.






"Explained everything well and answered all my questions. He even brought the loaner car around to make loading the kids and car seats easier."


Meghan. M.






"Terry Coulter pays attention to customer concerns and has them dealt with promptly."


Jim. H.






"I am never disappointed in the service I receive at Valentine Volvo - everyone does an excellent job!"


Kay. M.






"Jason Anthony went out of his way to ensure we were pleased with all aspects of the service. Thank you very much!"


Gordon. F.






"I feel that in general the personnel of Valentine Volvo bring their best to the customers of Valentine Volvo at all times."


Pelkrityundnes Inc.






"The car had a brake problem, so Valentine brought it in for a repair, as soon as possible, although it was avery busy time. The car was completed within a couple of days"


Terry. M.






"I arrange to have my servicing when Teresa Findlay is scheduled to work as I have always found her to be extremely knowledgeable, reliable and friendly. I rely on her kind advice with regard to my aged V70."


Doug. C.






"I was impressed with the condition of my vehicle upon pickup. My windshield was replaced at no charge when the attempt to repair it resulted in it

breaking. I did not even have to ask or negotiate, this raises my confidence in Valentine Volvo considerably. Additionally, my vehicle was returned very

clean and the winter tires were well secured in the trunk. Jon was excellent, took care of everything upon drop-off, including additional unscheduled

tasks (windshield chips, changing winter/summer wheels). When there was an issue with my windshield, Jon took care of the replacement

without hassling me with any concerns. Car was ready on time and no hassles for me!"


Christopher. P.






"Service is excellent no matter who we have and they are always willing to do little extra."


Norstar Ltd.






"I had time issues and they got me out with plenty of time to spare."


Clara. L.






"Jon Furkalo did a very good job explaining what was wrong with the vehicle and what it would take to repair it. He was very pleasant and contacted

me when he said he would."


Paul. V.






"Experience was great Shane MacKay and Tabitha were my salesman/sales they were both above and beyond excellent. Christopher Sage oversaw the sale and he was

approachable and welcoming. Kudos I would definatly deal with Valentine Volvo."


Andrew .P.






"I had a an appointment to have a key programmed. I knew I had a bulb burned out which I did not mention to Valentine Volvo. When I came back for

my vehicle at the time promised, the service department told me they had changed 3 bulbs, I was expecting a bill for something I was going to do

myself and to my surprise there was no charge from Valentine. This is something you don't see today."


Graeme. Y.






"I had to bring my XC60 in on Friday morning without an appointment to replace a flat front tire that had occurred the evening prior. My urgency arose from the fact that I had to travel to Emerald Lake, BC to attend my son's wedding over the long weekend. I called in at just after 7 and the repair work was completed by 11:00 am. enabling me to keep to our tight schedule out of town."


Thomas. T.






"The dealership is great - friendly sales staff, accomodating service department, and a comfortable waiting area."


Michael. B.






"Always friendly and very fast service and they always know who you are by name!"


Diane. C.






"Outstanding - Because you don't have "Super Outstanding" as an option...ha ha!"


Ken. G.






"You do an excellent job of looking after me. I really appreciate the level of service I receive. The car wash is always appreciated."


John. M.






"Jason Anthony was very courteous and maintained communication throughout the service."


Gene. H.






"Very friendly, makes me feel important and being informed about everything."


Rita. B.






"At an extremely busy time of year my car was taken in without an appointment and serviced as promised. Well done."


Brian. J.






"Friendly, fast and efficient."


Ross. W.






"Your service department is excellent and all of the people a pleasure to deal with."


Dean. W.






"Iva was very helpful. She called to get me a pick-up before the car was ready so I would be there right when it was finished. Much appreciated."


Lori. F.






"Very helpful and understanding. Let me talk directly to the technician, which I appreciated."


Jim. T.






"Went beyond expectations!!! Excellent!"


David. T.






"Everyone I dealt with was helpful and friendly. I appreciate their professionalism. Thank you!"


Monica. B.






"I would like to extend a sincere thank you to Jason Anthony who went above and beyond to ensure that my service needs surpassed expectations.

Thank you Jason and the entire service team at Valentine Volvo."


Morgot. G.






"Great service, thank you for arranging a loaner to us."


Andre. S.






"Exemplary service, thank you!"


Curt. C.






"Very pleased with the service yet again."


Alicia. R.






"Once again, we were met with professional, courteous staff and they truly make us feel welcome and a part of the Valentine "family". Nice way to

start our day! Thank you."


Susan. S.






"I am very impressed with the "Know Your Vehicle" section. It is very comprehensive. It allows me to drive away from the dealership knowing that

my vehicle is 100% ready for the road. It will also be helpful from a preventive maintainance perspective."


Duane. P.






"There is nothing that can be done better. Terry Coulter and Iva can teach others in the industry how it is done. I am also impressed with everyone

else associated with Valentine Volvo. A great place to go to."


Christos. T.






"The reminder calls to promt me to book were awesome, thanks Terry. Also Jon calling to find out why I was late was a nice touch."


Al. K.





"Once again top line service! Well done Terry!"


Scott. K.






"The taxi tickets are a great idea!"


David. M.






"Service was great and alway on time. I appreciate how quick the service is and their is always a friendly staff member available immediately."


Karen. G.






"Very courteous and responsive to my need to wait for work to be completed."


Charles. C.






"I am very pleased with my overall experience. Terry and Teresa in my eyes went above and beyond to ensure that I was confident in the service

department. Kudos to you both. It means a lot to me that you both wanted to make sure I had trust again with your department. Thank you both so much!"


Preety. H.





"Ben Scott was highly professional, courteous and helpful. We spent an entire day looking at similar sized vehicles and arrived at Valentine Volvo just

as you were closing for the day on Saturday. Ben happened to be leaving when we arrived but he took the time to talk with us, show the XC60 and

arranged for a test drive the following week. That extra 15 or 20 minutes he spent rather than just saying we are closed, please come back, was the

difference between us coming back and test driving the Volvo and us buying the BMW X-1 on the Monday morning. Ben also worked hard to find a car

with the options that would fit our price range and was excellent with follow up communication to let us know when it was coming in and offered us a

loaner in the event it wentpast the time where we had alternative transportation. All in all a very favorable sales experience in an industry not necessarily

known for that."


Howard. B.





"Everything was great. I even blew the DT pick-up meeting place but the driver and the folks at the office had it all covered. "Outstanding" is not a

good enough word. "Extreme-gratification" might be better."


Grant. L.





"Jason Anthony was friendly, efficient, courteous, and knowledgeable, as all Valentine Volvo Service Consultants are."


Harper-Lee. O.






"Both of the consultants I dealt with, from dropping my car off to picking it up in the afternoon, were fantastic and very knowledgeable. The gentleman

that drives the shuttle was also very pleasant and professional."


Greg. V.






"Tyler Dillon and the ladies (Rebecca and Tabitha) in the business office were super helpful in working with me from out of province to ensure I had all the

paperwork in order."


Kevin. F.






"Christopher Sage was outstanding; patient, not pushy and appeared to be honest with his recommendations when I was unsure. This was a most

positive experience I have ever had buying a car. There was nothing sleazy about the staff at Valentine Volvo. Very refreshing, to say the least."


Evie. W.






"The purchase of our new Volvo C30 was quite painless and stress free. Ben Scott was a great resource for us. He was able to not only understand what we were looking for, but also able to provide us with a number of options so that we would be able to get the car we wanted for a price that we were fairly comfortable with. He was also easy to get a hold of and quick to respond to any questions that we had."


Migel. S.





"No question that this is the most attentive car dealership I've ever dealt with.."


David. H.






"I've been dealing with Valentine Volvo for over 20 years and I've found no reason why I should go elsewhwere for service. The staff are friendly and

offer suggestions where necessary and the quality of work done on my Volvo has been very satisfactory."


Robin. R.






"This is the first opportunity we have had to purchase/lease a Volvo or a vehicle from Valentine Volvo. We have purchased Audi for the last several

purchases and although very satisfied, based on our experience I am sure that we would consider Valentine Volvo next time we purchase or lease a new vehicle."


Garry. M.






"Very pleased with Valentine's service and commitment to their customer' s satisfaction."


Barry. C.






"Shane MacKay was very kind and knowledgable in assisting us in finding the right Volvo for our needs. He listens, explains clearly and finds solutions. Given that this is our third Volvo, he was the best sales professional in this industry that we've ever met. Tabitha, likewise, was very charming and efficient in getting the financial and delivery process scheduled and completed. She gave us the confidence that the vehicle will be ready and she delivered on that promise."


Angelito. N.






"Valentine Volvo for many years, and again this last visit, consistently exceeds my expectations. Thank you to all staff!"


Monika. S.






"Very friendly and knowledgable service! Car was ready ahead of estimated time and they kept me posted along the way."


Corrie. P.






"I was taken to Chinook Mall, returned, the car was ready and it was cleaned. Fantastic!"


Fiona. F.






"You were OUTSTANDING! And even washed the car for us. Thank You."


Keith. D.






"Bryan Cassidy is a real Professional. It was a very quick and simple transaction. He certainly makes things happen. A real pro makes things look easy. He was

sensitive to my needs throughout the entire process. A very common sense, practical approach. Thank you!"


Leslie. K.





"We were not only given a most welcome treatment by Mr. Bruce Ellis but a very helpful assistance by his superiors. The overall experience was extremely pleasant and Valentine Volvo gets the highest rating I could possibly give it."


Ernest. D.






"Patrick Lalonde, Bryan Cassidy and Rebecca Kotyk were very professional. We never felt we were being pushed or manipulated into buying the car. The experience was most unlike the traditional car buying experience and was much appreciated."


Dawne. T.





"Valentine Volvo and it's people are very professional and we would recommend them to anyone, trustworthy organization."


Tom. H.





"We have no complaints and lots of accolades for the staff in the service and sales departments. Thank you to all of you who continue to work hard to

ensure that we are happy customers. We own three Volvos purchased at Valentine, and I believe that is a testament to the care and attention you

provide at your dealership."


Luc. L.










"Where can you find a dealership where you feel welcome every time you enter. My major problem is I want to hand out your business cards every Sunday morning when I usher!"


Melville. D.





"Kevin went out of his way to make sure all was done well."


Mehri. S.





"Jon is very pleasant to deal with. Told me all the relevant factors that I could expect. Let me know why an item could not be done on that day and how I could make another appointment to get it done!"


Anny. P.






"Kevin worked hard to help us reduce costs and we really appreciate that."


Bradley. L.





"Kevin worked hard to help us reduce costs and we really appreciate that."


Bradley. L.





"The service was excellent. I particularly appreciated the complimentary spring clean-up provided by Christopher Sage."


Timothy. S.






"Thank you again for fixing our XC90 with no appointment and in record time. Love those Volvo's!"


Douglas. R.







"As always, superb service!"


Sabrina. L.






"I mistakenly brought the car in a day befor the appointed service. The car was taken in and serviced promptly. Thank you!"


Louise. G.






"All services performed and the service associate kindly washed my car so from that perspective I thought that was exceptional!!"


Claude. R.






"Kevin did an excellent job of carefully reviewing my car knowing that my extended warranty is expiring ... caught some things that could be done; contacted warranty company and got the work done for me. Thank you Kevin!"


Wanda. E.








"How much more accommodating could Valentine Volvo be - great people!"


Robert. B.






I like this dealership. I don't believe I have ever had to take my vehicle back after having something fixed (always fixed the first time)."



Murray. L.






"The car was serviced on time and correctly! Teresa was clear in her instructions to the technician and the result was a perfect service experience!"


Alan. R.







"This was my first visit to the dealership. Very professional in my opinion. Carwash was a nice touch!"



Kevin. C.





"All staff was very friendly and accommodating. My service request was scheduled promptly. All my special requests were met and the job was well within the quoted price!"




Margareta. M.






"I like and trust Manny...he sold me my first Volvo...glad that I have him as a Technician!"


David. S.






"My car was washed and left better than when i dropped off. Not a normal thing at most dealerships!"



Darcy. P.






"Shane Mackay understood exactly what vehicle I was looking for and made things happen quickly!"



Stuart. N.






"I made an appointment to drop the car off the next day. It was ready ahead of schedule as well. Well done! The shuttle folk who drove me back and forth were wonderful too!"



Gail. C.






"Always a pleasant experience. I enjoy the little extras such as decent coffee and car wash following the service. We were very pleased with the punctual, helpful and excellent customer service. We appreciated the quick analysis of the car's problems. Also the checking of warranty coverage for the repair."



Sherie. H.






"Engine warning light come on Thursday, I came in with no appointment at 7 the following morning and I was out the door by 8:30. Thanks for fitting me in!!"


Michael. S.






"Very timely with the service advisor contact and follow up."


Dan. D.






“I am very impressed with the way the recent problem was handled by dealership.”


Andrew. H.







"I came in a day late! And she still made it work. Thank you for that. Top service!"


Susan. B.






"Appreciate the flexibilty in giving me the new battery so I could get the car in for a complete diagnosis. I did not want to drive the car with the dead battery nor did I want to have the car towed in! I appreciated the information the service folks were able to provide as I was researching purchasing a C70!"



Michael. O.






"I have always received the highest level of service from all representatives of Valentine Volvo. I really love the people at Valentine. They remember me when I come in and they are always friendly and super helpful!"



Lisa. J.






"Absolutely superb service received from Kevin Tan!"




Maureen. C.







"Kevin Tan was very helpful and accommodating. Hopefully you've fixed the problem. That's a nice feeling."




Devon. S.






"Kevin Tan was outstanding. He took the time to call me with some other minor issues but in addition the service was completed earlier than he originally estimated!"




Nan. M.






"The service was carried out effectively and efficiently. Also the showroom had an excellent variety of new vehicles on display!!"




Duane. P.






"Can't say enough about Richard Takcas he is kind, respectful, answered all my questions and is prompt reply to my emails even on his day off."




Darcy. S.






"I feel relaxed when I enter your dealership!"




Melville. D.






"I needed a new tire but needed 7 days to come in. Valentine gave me a loner vehicle until my car was ready. Thanks!"




Michael. M.






"Jonathan was incredible. He was extremely punctual, answered all my questions amazingly quick on email, and he got my car washed when I picked up. Jonathan makes me want to service my car 100% of the time at Valentine Volvo."




Elia. G.
























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