Service Specials

4-Wheel Alignment $149.95

Regular price: $189.95

Especially important after this winter’s challenging road conditions.

Wash + Clay + Wax starting at $129.00

Includes the Wash + Clay followed by a lustrous wax finish to prevent fading and increase the shine.

Polestar Optimization $1,180 (regular $1,450)

Enhance your driving please and save now on polestar optimization. 30 day no risk money back guarantee!

Wash + Clay + Paint Sealer $199.99

In addition to the Wash + Clay we’ll finish with a paint sealer to protect your vehicle’s surface and provide shine.

Full Interior + Exterior Detailing $399.99

Includes Full Spa Day Services: Wash + Clay + Wax of exterior as well as full interior shampoo, windows, all panels + cargo area

Wash + Clay + One Stage Polish $339.99

In addition to the Wash + Clay we’ll polish all exterior painted surfaces which will diminish or eliminate smaller scratches.